16 June 2009

Great meeting with our companheiros at the Rotary Club of Luanda. It's a small club with a proud history. During the civil war in Angola, and afterwards under a Marxist government when Rotary was effectively banned, a handful of members kept the flame alive by meeting where they could and sharing meals, sometimes with as few as three members in the club.

Rotary Club of Luanda welcomes District 5230 team

Not only are they spearheading the Million Dollar Dream in Huambo, they've organized the National Immunization Day for Rotary's Polio Plus program, which happens to be tomorrow, the day we fly to Huambo.


  1. It's great to hear from your group. Tell Kristen we send our love and prayers for a safe trip. Laura Sunrsie Rotary Tulare, Ca

  2. Steve, we had a great club meeting last night and I gave a happy dollar for you and your great adventure. DG August and DGN Young Koh were at the meeting. Anxiously await your next installment.